Bartending Services

Every special event deserves an amazing bar experience. At Top Shelf wedding and event bartender services, we believe that that experience comes from many factors coming together in unison to create a night that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. We believe that your party’s success hinges upon communication, skill and knowledge paired with great equipment, fresh local ingredients, and a happy bartending staff. For this reason, Top Shelf only hires the most talented, cordial, professional, insured, licensed, and happy bartenders. Knowing how much of what to get and where to get it can become intimidating if you have never had to figure out how many supplies you will need for 150 people of mixed ages and drinking habits. Luckily, 15 years of event bartending services has given us a special knowledge that will help ease your mind and your pocket book.

When you choose Top Shelf for your bartending service needs, our bar catering manager and bartender(s) will:

  • Help you plan your cocktail list- Bar catering manager
  • Help recommend cocktails that are crowd favorites that won’t break the bank- Bar catering manager
  • Help explain your options for obtaining your needed alcohol. Consignment services are available.-Bar catering manager
  • Supply your bar, glassware, mixers, napkins, ice and any needed tubs and tools.
  • Show up with a freshly ironed black dress shirt on the hanger.
  • Chill all necessary alcohol.
  • Cut all garnishes
  • Set up bar and glassware for service
  • Provide prompt professional service for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Monitor guests for over consumption and deny service as needed.
  • Pack up all bar and bar equipment as required by your rental company and venue.
  • Help pack up and load out your extra alcohol, to your vehicle of choosing
  • Take out all bar trash to supplied receptacles.
  • Check out with venue manager or estate representative before departing

Bar Rental Packages

Top Shelf is proud to supply you the option of a custom bar for your special event. Over the past 15 years we have hand crafted our own line of truly one of a kind bars. All of our bar packages include: the bar of your choice, your carbonated mixers, napkins, tubs and tools needed for your headcount.

Top Shelf all inclusive bar rental package

$3.00 per guest- includes bar of your choice from below, non alcoholic mixers*, napkins, and all needed tools and tubs. Minimum headcount required.


Bars are available without mixers for $150 per rental.. Includes all tools and tubs

Rustic Wood Bar #1

Rustic Wood Bar #2

Tiki/Beach Bar

White Wedding/ Light Bar

Black Walnut Bar


.60 cents per glass

10 oz Wine
16 oz Water
12 oz Rocks
6 oz Martini
6 oz Champagne

Thank you for your interest in Top Shelf wedding and event bartending services.

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