After years of doing all levels of event rental, I decided to offer a simple and elegant option for the most commonly rented items. Below you will find our selection of portable rental bars, silverware, glassware, plates, heaters and umbrellas that we rent out. If you are hiring Top Shelf for any services there are no delivery fees for rentals.

Bar Rental Packages

Top Shelf is proud to supply you the option of a custom bar for your special event rental. Over the past 15 years we have hand crafted our own line of truly one of a kind bars. All of our bar packages include: the bar of your choice, your carbonated mixers, napkins, tubs and tools needed for your headcount.

$3.50 per guest(min 100 guests)

*Bars are available with out mixers for $150 per day*

Rustic Wood Bar #1

Rustic Wood Bar #2

Tiki/Beach Bar

White Wedding/ Light Bar

Black Walnut Bar


.70 cents per glass

10 oz Wine
12 oz Rocks
16 oz Water
6 oz Champagne
6 oz Martini


.75 cents per plate

10`` Dinner plate
6`` Dessert/Bread/Salad plate


.70 cents per utensil

Dinner Fork
Salad/Cake fork

Gold Utensils

.80 cents per utensil

Dinner Fork

Food Service and Storage Equipment

Custom Handcrafted Wood Chafing Box

$35 per chafing box

Custom Wood Chafing boxes

Traditional Chafing Box

$25 per chafing box

Traditional Chafing boxes

Hot and Cold Food Storage Box

$50 per box- Holds 6 full size banquet pans

Hot and Cold Food Storage

Food Service Bowls

Large Acrylic Salad Bowl $5 per bowl
Large Salsa/Guacamole Bowl $ 4 per bowl
Small Salsa/Guacamole bowl $ 3 per bowl

Beverage Service Equipment

$ 20 per day

Ball Style Water Dispenser
Dimpled Dispenser
Italian Rustic Dispenser
Round with wire base

Beverage Storage Containers

5 Gallon Beverage Container $10 per day
10 Gallon Beverage Container$15 per day

Tables and Benches

6 foot folding rectangle table $ 10 per day
6 foot folding bench $10 per day


.85 cents each


Coffee Service Equipment

Black Airpot $10 per day
Silver Airpot $10 per day
40 cup brewer $15 per day
60 cup brewer $20 per day
100 cup brewer $30 per day

Food Service Utensils

Silver Tongs $3 per day
Slotted Silver Spoon $3 per day
Silver Spoon $3 per day
Small Black tip tongs $3 per day
Large Mixing/Serving Spoon $3 per day

Service trays

Rustic Rectangle wood tray $5 per tray
18`` Black Rubber tray $5 per tray
18`` Silver tray $8 per tray

Votives and Hurricanes

Round Bowl $2 each
Medium Hurricane $ 2 each
Hurricane $2 each

Propane Heaters and Umbrella

$75 per event includes tank

Propane Heater

$35 per event includes base

Umbrella and base
Top Shelf